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Who said Bowling was evil?

Squinky Productions designs free adventure games, mostly in the Sierra style. Currently we have 2 games available: Pirate Fry, and Bert the Super Demon Slayer Guy, ready in the download section. All this is pretty much made possible with the Adventure Game Studio program, made by Chris Jones. If you're interested in making amauter adventure games, check out the link on the links page.

Current Finished Projects:
Pirate Fry and Volcano Island
Bert-The Super Demon Slayer Guy 
Projects in the works: Pirate Fry 2
Demo Released on Pirate Fry 2, check it out on the download page

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Making great progress on Fry 2, expect to see it soon.....Hopefully...
Just released Demo for Pirate Fry 2! Check it out on the downloads page...
Animations, Woo!!! The Demo of Fry 2 is going good and should be out in a week or so. I've started adding some animations and whatnot, so this has been holding me up a bit, but now I'm in the final stretch....
Pirate Fry 2 is going good. Truthfully, the games skeleton is completed. I've started polishing up the game, adding some more puzzles and more humor...It'll be done anytime now guys. I'm hopeing on releasing a demo soon, something to check out while I'm beta-testing and what not...
New Download Available on games page: Bert the Super Demon Slayer Guy!
This is a smaller game I made for the June MAGS competition, check it out. Also, Pirate Fry 2 is back in the works. It should really be a good game...
Pirate Fry 2 is in its final act! But instead of rushing it, I decided to work on a small project....it'll be released soon...
Okay, I finally put a windows version up of Pirate Fry 1.  I'm also planning on re-releasing Fry 1 after I finish Pirate Fry 2. The new version would just have a couple of fixes, but still be the same game. Anyways, Fry 2 is chugging along pretty good. I made some big advancements this last weekend...Hopefully, I'll have a burst productivity and have it released soon...Hopefully.
I added Screenshots for Pirate Fry 2, just for kicks...
I've Added a walkthrough for Pirate Fry 1.
Good lord its been 3 months since my last update. Shame on me. I've got a good excuse though, I had to go away for some training for about a month and a half. But I sat down tonight and got reaquainted with Fry2 and I plan on finishing it up as soon as possible. I had forgotten how big the damn thing was. So, bear with me, Pirate Fry 2 will hopefully come within the current month...

Pirate Fry

Monty Fry, Amatuer pirate and generally neat guy. Join Fry in his adventure to obtain a pirate's license.

Hey. Pirate Fry 2, the hand of Anturus, is doing well. Very Well. I got kinda discouraged for about 2 weeks, but now we're rolling. Also I updated the site, in an effort to combat it general crappyness......
Moved the download of Pirate Fry to its own page, added screenshots and generally just tidied up my site today.
Great Progress on Fry 2: Story completed and much of the background and obj/character graphics finished. Just about 2/3 of the game is left, so I'm throwing a release time out as early febuary......So, check back anytime you want an update.
Started the design of the next Pirate Fry game, Intro and begining laid out, but still need to plan the entire game before I release a title.....
Also, a new character design is in the works and I'm gonna attempt better graphics...

The game is finally finished, so I threw together this crappy little site. Download the game, Pirate Fry and Volcano Island, at the bottom.

Pirate Fry and Volcano Island is basically about a young pirates quest to remain a pirate. Check out the download at the bottom......

Heres where you can contact me.

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