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Pirate Fry Game Download

Download the Windows version

Download the Dos version

Pirate Fry and Volcanoe Island:
Journey to Volcano Island to battle the evil bowling worshippers of Volcano Island, and pass the test of three to earn you're pirates license. Click on the groovy links above to download.

Bert-The Super Demon Slayer Guy
Download now!
Bert speaking to his sandwich guide....

This game was made for the june MAGS competition. I tried a lotta crap out in this game...Like a new graphics style that didn't quite do as good as I wanted, and a combat system, that, just like the graphics, didn't quite do what I wanted.
Anyways, its a short game about a Demon slayer named bert, check it out...

Download Dos version

Pirate Fry 2

Check out Pirate Fry 2, in the current projects catagory.
This game is near completion. I'm really happy with it, and it should be about the best thing I've made to date...I'm reluctant to give a release date, because they are always missed.

Download Demo Now!!!!

Download Dos version here

Download Windows version here

DemonSlayer vs. the vegatable vampires
Demonslayer Goodness
Bert in the incubator....

Bert is a Demonslayer with a talking sandwich....He's found himself in yet another predicament involving vampires...This is a short game I've mad for the august MAGS competion, just for fun. Check it out...
Download the windows version below, if anybody wants it, I'll upload a dos version...

click here to download file