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Pirate Fry-1
The Demonslayer

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3

On this page you will find many games featuring, Bert, the super demon slayer guy. Bert travels around battling demons and solving puzzles to thwart the evil powers and let goodness prevail. How does a simple man accomplish such things you ask? With the help of his god, the talking sandwich of course...

Demonslayer #1: (also known as Bert the super demon slayer guy) This game was made for the mags monthly competition, it didn't win.... Bert travels to Sesame street, because everybody knows that talking puppets are the purest form of evil. This game has a really crummy battle system, that I never really fixed, and a different art style than I typically prefer.... So there....But it's worth it's price...
-Music by mechanico76

DemonSlayer #2: Bert has been bitten by a vampirized vegatable, and thrown into they're "incubator" He must escape and seek his vengeance on the leader of these vampires.... Good times...
-Music by mechanico76

DemonSlayer #3: Hot diggity damn, Bert kicking ass in action packed arcade goodness...Bert must battle evil zombies and flatulent demons to stop the evil plans to corrupt the rest of the area.
-Tiled art and Music by mechanico76